Uses of Infographics and Social Media in SEO

There are several reasons why social media is becoming increasingly filled with infographics. Search engine optimization (SEO) is about marketing a website or blog so that it will be ranked high in the search results and be viewed by a targeted audience. As the Google algorithm has evolved, social media has become a very significant part of the equation for online marketing success. Since visually appealing pages and posts are more likely to be shared, it is understandable why the SEO infographic has become a popular tool for posting information. Social media marketing case studies have proven that using infographics makes good business sense. Understanding why and how infographics are used for social media marketing is a good first step for any company seeking to master online marketing.

Social Media Truths About Visual Marketing

A survey conducted by AYTM Market Research found that 65% of Internet users are attracted to visual web content. Given the fact that 90% of the data that is processed by the human brain is visual, the fact that visual images trump words in most cases is not surprising. Considering the nature of social media and how important sharing information with others is for SEO purposes, marketing management is relying on infographics to promote brand, and rank higher on search. In comparison with other content, social media marketing case studies by Buddy Media found that visual content was twice as likely as text to generate engagement on sites like Twitter.

Market research indicates that a website has a very small window for engaging any website viewer. With only 2 to 4 seconds to grab a potential viewer’s attention, it is much easier to use infographics or some visual impression other than words or even headlines. For this reason, the SEO infographic has taken center stage in any savvy online marketing campaign.

Link Building

One of the key factors to be considered when running a successful social media campaign is link building. The more sites that share a link that can be tracked back to a company’s website, the better for ranking. For this reason, infographics have proven to be beneficial for providing more links. Visually appealing infographics are often shared and used on social media websites, which establishes more links to fuel better SEO results.

Social Media Trends and Infographics

One of the challenges for marketing management teams is keeping abreast of the constantly changing dynamic of social media. Based on recent data, infographics are here to stay, as an affordable way to present visuals that attract consumers. Anyone who doubts this new trend needs only to review the data that supports the continued use of visual data for SEO results. For example, YouTube boasts 100 million users every week. While videos are certainly a favorite visual medium for generating SEO results, provocative infographics have a proven track record for going viral too, which is every marketing manager’s dream.


Companies who expect to compete, use many social media tools to generate prospective customers and create brand loyalty. Infographics offer an affordable and proven way to promote any website. With companies popping up everywhere with infographics to be shared, there is no shortage of visual content to be shared.