The Hidden Game Continues- Masquerade Anchor Text

Prankster on the internet instead of capitalizing their website presence with QUALITY LINKS try to misguide GOOGLE by playing with the google link algorithm and linking strategies to gain ranking in search engines by creating fleeting impressions and billboard attention for particular search terms.

But before discussing google bombs let me tell you what it is all about: Google Bombs is a mischievous act of bringing other unrelated websites at the top of SE ranking for a specific search term in order to improve its search result by vilifying google link analysis algorithm. If number of different unrelated websites link to one website for a particular search term (anchor text) just for the sake of a higher ranking in google, then in a very short duration the site is ?Google Bombed? for that search term.

These mischievous web players neither conquer link building obstacles nor work hard to get top ranking, instead they just hack google algorithm and get listed higher in SERP in couple of days, but when they get traced by google it unmasks them and they remain as goggle misfit.

There are numbers of well known google bombs; ?Miserable Failure? targeting President George W. Bush was one of the earliest; ‘talentless Hack? with this key phrase Adam Mathes associated his friend Andy Pressman site and asked all visitors to link back to it. The site received top ranking for this keyword but later was google bombed. ?Jew?, ?Martin Luthur King? and many more key phrases were GB.

The competition is fierce, so to succeed you need to prepare and then to perform, but the prank web players play with the google algorithm. The high ranking result that thrust upon them for the particular search term does not stay much after and they are out of race. Google remains undefeatable, most trustworthy platform and inspiring for all web users to quench their thirst for all sorts of queries.

Google Bomb another aspect is for Domain Name owners setting all DNS entry and directing all sub domains to the same server. Every sub domain is considered unique by the google and all the links coming from sub domains add to increase the page rank of the website.

Quality links (inbound, outbound, back links), keyword density, anchor text and content play a major role in determining ranking and web page relevance for Google. Links are like zero in arithmetic. They may not be much in themselves but they are capable of adding a great value in optimizing your website.

Google remains trustworthy for all the internet users by conciliating Google Bomb with the help of its new algorithm. Listed below are the consequences of the google updated algorithm to stop GB:

1. You can run google bomb detection algorithm to prevent Google Bomb to occur. As a preventive measure google suggests to take care of quality and quantity of back links to a website. There should not be lot of back links coming to a site for an anchor text not existing on the web page and its frequency should not be higher than the desires threshold frequency.

2. Google has modified its link strategy and has set new linking standards giving highest priority to organic link building, spectrum is not limited to anchor text but has stretched out. The anchor text should link to the related landing page, home page and inner pages of website in proportion to overcome GB anomalies.

3. Still google new GB detection algorithm is not synchronized with all data centre and will take some time.

4. Many SEM companies, webmasters are unable to survive this new algorithm update. It is also a threat for link builders who are still unaware of the google new algorithm and working hard for their link campaign.

5. Lots of google bombs have occurred, but google new algorithm has eliminated many. Example: cracked google bomb: George W. Bush website no longer can be found associated with the search term ?Miserable Failure?. Search term ?I fell lucky? still points to French Military victories and receives top ranking in google, is yet to be defused.

Google new algorithm still has not been able to wrack google bomb from root and the prankster game continues.

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