Marketing to Women With Pinterest

Pinterest is an interesting phenomenon in the world of social media marketing. From day one, the website attracted a predominantly female audience, a fact that provides advertisers with incredible opportunities.

According to 2012 statistics, nearly 70 percent of the site members are women. Most of them are 25 to 40 years old and they have children. These demographics turn Pinterest into a perfect platform for marketing that targets ladies.
You need to keep several specifics in mind to utilize Pinterest efficiently and to reach your target audience.
Show Something Interesting about Your Products

Posting high resolution product photograph will no longer do the trick. Their audience is interested in finding something new, original and fun. You will have to unleash your creative powers to turn these ladies into loyal customers.

Instead of going for straightforward product photographs, show some original or unusual applications of the product. It could be a series of pictures that create a how-to guide, it could be a comic strip or a meme. Focusing on creativity and usefulness will encourage the ladies to repin your posting and to spread the news.

Female-Friendly Content

As already mentioned, Pinterest is a predominantly female social network. This is why you need to put emphasis on content that ladies will find attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

Anything that has to do with creativeness, design, food, clothes, decorations, interior design and personal gadgets will perform well on Pinterest. Are you trying to sell a different type of product? You will have to adjust the campaign to make it Pinterest-friendly or you should probably choose another social network.

Pinterest members look for specific photographs and topics. A personal approach will fail on this social network. Anything that lacks artistic value, some humor or creative ideas should be kept away from your Pinterest boards.

Know What Pinterest Members are Doing

Observing the behavior of the members and knowing why these people have joined the social network will give you an opportunity to increase the relevance of your campaign. Observe to find out which photos become popular and why the ladies like them.

Many women are on Pinterest in an attempt to express their ideas and creative potential. They share information about favorite activities, which could be used to perform quite accurate market research.

The members of Pinterest go through photos to figure out which products they like or would want to purchase in the future. As a result, Pinterest provides a perfect opportunity for the world to learn more about your company, products and services. Using this opportunity correctly will result in brand recognition and potentially – in higher sales.

Pinterest members share information about products and recommend the ones that they like. Getting Pinterest members to like you and support you means that they will be doing the promotion instead of you.

Interested in reaching a predominantly female audience? Pinterest is the right social network for you. Social media marketing allows you to do a lot of targeting, thus delivering the message to the right group of people. Pinterest is different from other social networks. Instead of focusing on content, you will have to put emphasis on creativity and visual appeal. Achieving the goal will give you a chance to win a large, enthusiastic and loyal female audience.