List Building – How To Get Your List Building Started

In this article we will talk a little about getting started building your email list. An email list is the most valuable asset you can have as an internet marketer. Having an email list is like creating traffic on demand. You just send an email out to your list and you can send them to whatever site you want and you can then make a commission.

The best way to get started building your list is to first face the facts about making money online and that fact is that the money is in the list. When you realize you need to build your email list to be successful you then have to choose an auto responder service. An auto responder service is an email list management company that will help you build your email database by helping you collect email address from your squeeze pages.

A squeeze page or an email capture page is a form where your customers will give you their email address in return for something of value like a free report, free ebook or newsletter. This form has your auto responder email capture form in it so when people submit their email address they will be added to your email address database.

You can create yourself a squeeze page by using a free html editor and creating a simple webpage with you auto responder email capture form. To find a free html editor just do a search on any search engine.

Now once you have a squeeze page you have to upload it and then you are ready to promote your new squeeze pages web address. When people come to your site they can submit their name and email address for your free report or ebook or whatever you are offering.

You want to promote your link wherever you can so you can direct as much traffic to your website as possible. This will allow you to sign up as many people as you can so you can build up a big list. Once your list starts to grow so should your income which will come from marketing other peoples products and your own products to your list.

This is where your auto responder will come in again to help you. You will go into your auto responder and add a series of emails that will be sent out to your list at set intervals. In these emails you will inform your customers about the info they requested in the first place. Every so often you will send them an email with a link in it that will earn you a commission if the customer buys that product you recommend.

So to get your list building started you need to create a squeeze page and then you need an auto responder service to help you build your email list. To get ideas on things you can tell or teach your subscribers just go to ezine articles and read up on any topic that you want to inform your list of and then share that with them in an email. Keep promoting your squeeze page and building your email list. The bigger your list is the more money you can make.

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