Don’t Get Banned By Google!

Don’t Get Banned By Google!

It’s a straightforward issue. Are you requesting Google to penalize your site?..

I’m sure you’re most likely thinking; However daily I discover brand-new people complaining browsing engine optimization community forums that their websites have already been prohibited by Google plus they “do not know why”. Well, obviously not!

These folks claim they’ve completed nothing wrong and so are absolutely clueless as to the reasons their site is no more in Google. The goal of this lesson can be to instruct you one VERY important things.

What Never to carry out when optimizing your site, to be sure you do not get banned.

How will you know if you have been banned?

First i want to show you how exactly to see if you are clearly banned simply by Google. Quite often people think they are banned, when the truth is they’ve just lowered in standing and can’t discover their website.

There are always a handful of actions you can take.

1. Watch the Google toolbar. 2. Verify Google’s serp’s.

Check Google’s serp’s?

Head to Google and get into your entire Link into Google’s search package. (). With this example we’ll make use of a made up website name. On a part note, I attempted and and both had been already taken.

Anyway, we’ll head to Google and enter our entire URL and click “search”

Observe that Google says there is absolutely no information designed for this Web address?k. Which means that the Web address is no more in Google’s data source (a. index)a.

In the event that you enter a whole new website into Google, you’ll always understand this message before website continues to be indexed. If we realize our internet site was once in Google and perform the search I simply demonstrated you above, and Google says “Sorry, no details is designed for Link [whatever your Link is]”, then its likely that. But, in cases like this, the web site we entered continues to be prohibited by Google for reasons uknown is either prohibited or is completely new… you’re banned.

Yet another way you can easily see if your site has been prohibited is by:

Looking at the Google Instrument Bar

Download the Google Toolbar here:

Once it’s installed, just visit your site. If the Google toolbar is totally gray, this might meen that you have already been prohibited by Google.


* Notice: Most SEOs contact this “grey barred”. (If you hear that term within an SEO discussion board, that’s what they’re discussing)

Not Banned:

Ok, so right now we know how exactly to show if our site has been prohibited.

The causes of your site to get banned?

There are numerous onpage ranking factors AND offpage ranking factors that may cause Google to ban your site. Today, we’ll concentrate on just the onpage points that can trigger your website to get prohibited.

Before I begin, I’d like you to learn that lots of websites still escape with doing a few of these things. Eventually Google will capture up to these websites and can remove them. THEY DON’T help your ratings and are just a waste of your time, therefore don’t try them.

It’s not worth the chance when doing them no more helps your rating in the first place.

Hidden Text

Hidden Text is merely text message that users can’t see if they visit your webpage. However, the various search engines can still observe hidden text message. Some webmasters can do this in order to add keywords throughout their web page without it interferring using what the visitors in fact observe.

For example, suppose you have a white background on your own website. In the event that you wanted to conceal text, you’ll simply make the colour of your text message white (#FFFFFF) and users couldn’t view it.

I did an instant search in Google and quickly found out a good example of a site using hidden

text. Take a glance below:

Initially, you’re probably wondering where in fact the hidden text message is…

Let me demonstrate. This will spotlight the entire web page as demonstrated below: I visited the web site and clicked “ctrl + a” on my key pad.

Now we are able to clearly start to see the hidden text message towards the top still left aspect of their internet site that says “weight loss surplus fat abs weight reduction diets muscle building dieting tips stomach”

They are keywords that they would like to rank well for and want the various search engines to find out when they initial visit their internet site. So, they’ve produced the written text white, to merge with the backdrop. Yet, they don’t really want their people to see this text message.

This website utilized to be ranked #1 for “weight loss”, but I simply did another determine where they’re ranked, and they are no more anywhere found. AND it appears like they also taken out they’re hidden text message, but it’s most likely too late…

Alt image label spamming

This is yet another way that people will attempt to cram keywords to their website, allowing se’s to find out their keywords, however, not allowing people to notice any difference within their website.

The next is a website that wished to rank well for “cabbage soup diet plan”. They’ve after that added an alt picture tag towards the visual. What they’ve carried out is put a visual of the cabbage. Whenever a site visitors visits the web site, and hovers their mouse on the cabbage soup visual, just a little popup can look.

Notice just how many occasions they’ve repeated the term “cabbage soup” and “cabbage”? It acts no purpose apart from to cram as much keywords as you possibly can into their web page. So many!

The real reason for an alt image tag is if a user visits your site as well as the graphic won’t load, or is disabled by their browser, text can look rather than the graphic. This is utilized for blind people.

Alt picture spamming is normally something you intend to stay away from. An excellent alt image label in cases like this would simply end up being: cabbage soup diet plan visual Using alt picture tags are great, nevertheless, you can overdo it, as you can plainly see above.


What I’m discussing here’s when people throw in a large number of the same exact keyword to their meta tags.

For example, the next website is wanting to rank very well for the keyword “tents”.

That is obviously ridiculous. Google, and various other search engines no more make use of Meta Tags to rank websites.

Google Can penalize it, and it’ll NOT assist you to… therefore, why would anyone take action like this?

Avoid it.

Title Label Surfing

The title is exactly what appears in the very best left hands corner of the webpage. Below can be an example of Name Tag Stuffing.

Don’t get it done. You only have to consist of your keyword(s) onetime within your title tag…

Anymore than one time is only going to dilute the result, and in the event that you overdo it mainly because shown above, you can find seriously penalized and drop in the ranks.

Those are simply some of the things that folks are continuing to accomplish online. It’s only a waste materials of commitment, plus it’s simply simple ignorant to waste materials your time and effort on a thing that doesn’t function and will obtain your website prohibited from the various search engines anyhow. These exact things WILL ultimately get your site prohibited or penalized and can NOT assist you to rank well.

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