Email Marketing – The Lifeline Of Your Internet Business

It is not unusual to have high ranking at the Search engines yet see low conversion rates. In fact, someone else whose ranking is lower than yours may be making a killing online with his products. How could that happen? With all other things being almost equal, good web design, good sales copy, quality products, it is highly probable the other person has an effective email marketing campaign set in place.

It is a so-called ?known secret? of successful online marketers that the lifeline of any Internet business is email marketing. It brings longevity to your business. If you hope to make a long term living off your Internet business, you need to give serious thought to email marketing if you haven’t done so.

I started off my Internet business without seeing the need for email marketing. I spent a lot of time on SEO. Then one day this question dawned upon me. What am I to do with the traffic that would show up at my door?

It is a known fact that not many people will buy your product or service on their first visit to your website. Yes, some may buy the products that you are promoting but the majority won’t. The vast majority may never come this way again. You stand to lose substantial traffic in this way. Then what about those who bought something? How can they become your lifelong customers?

No wonder, successful online marketers have an effective follow-up system that allows them to touch base with their visitors. What better cost effective way to do so than through email.

4 Benefits of Email Marketing:

1. Gives visitors a personal touch to your online business. Email communication is the most cost effective way at present to touch base with your website visitors.

In a highly impersonalized world of Internet marketing, simple personalized email communiqu’s can do wonders for your Internet business.

2. Allows you to build credibility and trust with your visitors. You can achieve this by conducting short courses in the area of your expertise through email. The courses you conduct must be relevant to the products or services you are promoting on your website.

For example, if you are promoting weight loss products, you may conduct a short course like 30 days to lose weight. People are more disposed to buy your product or service if they gain confidence through the information you have provided.

3. Exposes visitors to your product or service. Sales statistics reveal that most people need to be exposed to an offer 7 times or more before they buy. You have no way of exposing your products or services before your website visitors except through Email marketing.

4. Turns first time buyers into lifelong customers. Email marketing is an effective way to update your customers of your latest products and services.

Follow-up with your customers immediately after they made a purchase with an offer of a free gift or special discounts on products that are related to what they have bought. This is good marketing practice. You will endear first time buyers to you, and turn them into lifelong customers.

After all been said, how to get visitors to leave behind their email address? Nobody will give something in exchange for nothing. Offer a free e-book, or software, or email course, or newsletter in exchange for your visitors? names and email addresses. This is by no means tricking people into giving their email address. In the first place, your visitors have some expressed interest when they came by your website. Your job is to continue to arouse their interest that they want to know more about what you have to offer them.

The names and email addresses you collect is called an opt-in email list. With it you can touch base with your visitors without being accused of spamming.

Follow-up with personalized email communiqu?, offer relevant information and leads. Don’t turn your email communiqu? into one big sales letter. It puts people off. If they unsubscribe from your mailing list, it?s your loss. Say goodbye to your potential customers.

You cannot maintain the number one spot at the Search engines all the time. Other webmasters will overtake you sooner or later. However, this does not diminish the importance of Search Engine Optimization. For long-term success, SEO and an effective email marketing campaign are needful.

Simple Email Marketing Magic

Beginners to email marketing frequently will say that the practice seems impenetrable or maybe magical to them. They imagine hiring a robed practitioner of marketing voodoo to conjure millions of subscribers and then start pumping them full of sales copy. Once you get started you’ll find that the whole process is much more simple and natural than you may have thought possible. If you take your time in the beginning to develop a real strategy, you’ll be surprised how smoothly everything goes for you.

Begin by brainstorming about what types of outcomes you would like to see as a result of your email marketing efforts. You don’t have to hold back too much in this phase, just so long as you cover the basics. What’s leading you to get started now, and is there a time when you’ll plan to stop? What do you want people to do when they get these emails from you? If you’re just running a single promotion, then this is all cut and dried. On the other hand, what happens when your mailing series is over? Then the potential clients who haven’t purchased yet will just walk away. If you want to make email marketing an integral part of your long-term strategy, you should plan on accumulating and maintaining trust over time. In order to do that, you’d better make sure you know who your audience is.

This is why the first step in any successful email marketing campaign is conventional market research. That way you will know exactly who you are selling to and why. Keep in mind that markets are not uniform. Recent studies have shown increasing levels of diversity around the world. The way to manage this is by breaking up your lists into smaller segments based on the individual traits that emerge. Modern newsletter software such as ActiveCampaign’s Email Marketing software package make this extremely easy.

Another important factor is the way your message looks. The appearance of a message can have a major influence on the way that readers interact with it. This sounds complicated but is fairly simple. Just think about a message that you hope will result in getting the reader to click a link and arrive on your site. In this instance, you’ll typically want your email template to be a pretty good match for the design of the actual website. If they look the similar, the reader will immediately know they’ve found the right place.

The type of content you include should also be consistent with your overall strategy. People will get used to getting a certain type of message from you. So, for example, imagine you’ve been broadcasting a monthly newsletter for some time with some industry-specific ideas and information. If you use the same writing style and format for your sales messages, you can leverage the existing authority and trust that you’ve established for your mailing list.

One more thing I’ll mention is email open rates. The winning formula is something you’re not likely to stumble on straight away. You have to play around with a few different factors to see what works. Right away you should be thinking about the headline. It’s got to give your reader a reason to continue on. Essentially, the headline is an advertisement for your advertisement.

A secret of email marketing professionals is that the second line is just as important. The reason for this is that the first line of the message is often shown to recipients as a preview, before they ever open the message. This is your hidden chance to really secure your readers’ confidence that your message has something to provide them. Lastly, focus on the times of day and days of the week that readers in your market segment will likely be ready to open up and read your message.

I suggest experimenting a lot with your mailing list. Test your ideas against one another. Put in the extra time that it takes to really analyze your outcomes in order to determine what factors contribute to the success or failure of a given message.

The Simple Email Marketing Training Course

Whether you’re a new or experienced business owner, you need to stay with the times when it comes to email marketing strategy and niche marketing online. If you are getting a lot of targeted visitors to your website, but letting them slip through your fingers by not have a follow-up plan in place, then you’re very likely wasting money, time and effort by not doing this.

There are many ways these days to get very inexpensive highly targeted niche traffic to your online niche. You could use YouTube, Facebook Forums, LinkedIn, Google / Facebook / YouTube PPC (pay per click) techniques, it’s truly endless. But where I see so many people failing MASSIVELY, is through the lack of collecting information, so they can stay in touch via good ol trusty email.

So if email marketing is a highly-profitable and trusted source, why then is it so darn difficult to make it work for your company? You need the right email marketing platform, one that will allow you to test and measure everything you send, as well as train you how to write correctly for an easy read and which emails are getting read and responded to.

Most email marketing programs do some kind of testing of open rates, read rates etc, but not many allow “Split-Testing” of your messages and optin boxes, and this is CRITICAL as this is how you’ll keep your targeted prospects who visit your website in the first place. If you’re reading this article thinking there is a “Silver Bullet Fix” to email marketing, then once again you’ll be pretty disappointed. To carry out email marketing profitably you just need to follow the process of any good email marketing platform out there (and some are worse than others, and a couple are BRILLIANT with their training and suggested and proven approaches to email marketing).

A lot of commonly found email marketing tools offer a free email marketing training course of some kind, how good the training actually is and how effective it is, is completely another story. The best email marketing platforms offer forums, videos, walk throughs, white papers and case studies to help you succeed.

The part of email marketing that requires the most skill, is to offer knowledge about your product or service without SELLING IT DIRECTLY. The direct approach unfortunately doesn’t work well in person, or online, and therefore you need to devise a VALUE driven “Results In Advance” email marketing strategy that will put dollars in the pockets of your clients for free, then when they see that value and buy something from you, your email marketing program moves them from your freebie list, across to the paid list for that product and so on as they buy more expensive services / products.

There’s some excellent options to manage your email marketing escalation campaigns and one being sub $20’s that is the bee’s knees. Do your research, weigh these programs up, read reviews and go to sites that teach in-depth strategies to put your entire niche marketing campaigns together, then you be the decider.

So if you own a business, online or off, you can implement these strategies by creating a very simple series of messages, many companies begin with only 5 to 7 emails, set on auto-pilot (the trick having them written in a persuasive way) that will build trust, entice questions to be asked and lead to eventual sales without any form of sales pitch about the product or service whatsoever.
Remember that your email marketing strategy and niche website strategy should be one you focus on for the LONG TERM, not a quick sale, in the end you’ll have a loyal long term client for your efforts.

Learn How To Start List Building

I’m sure you’ve heard the old chestnut ?the cash is in the list? and this really is true nevertheless have you heard the old saying ?how to begin list building??, When you have it was probably followed by someone trying to sell you something. List building for those who do not know is building an email list of names and email addresses so that you could sell to them individuals.

However how can you start to build a list?

It’s not as easy as it sounds the times when you were able to just put up a form on your web page and expect people to sign up are long gone. These days you must offer something of quality so you can get people to sign up. The secret that nearly everybody use is to put a price tag to the gift they’ll get for free of charge. So you will often see something like ?sign up now and get this report value $47 for FREE? I realize it is easy to put something like that on your web site but the clever marketers are making sure the free product they provide is excellent quality.

If you’d like people to join your list you need to offer them top quality products at all times. You then really need to keep an effective rapport going. Some lazy marketers give good content for the first couple of weeks and then just forward their list offer after offer that they need to pay for. The smart guys are the ones that develop their list week in week out and only ever offer top quality products that they can truthfully vouch for.


To build a list you need a site and this can be 3 pages or just a one page blog, but despite which you select you need to put on it top quality content. If you should go for a 3 page site I’d recommend one of the pages to be a blog. On every page you want to have a opt in form with a quality free product on offer when they sign up.


For people to sign up on your site you need site visitors, this is often referred to as traffic. To acquire traffic among the simplest ways is by writing articles and posting them on article sites like ezine articles. When you create your article you require to make sure that you leave your link to your internet site within your bio box.

Auto Responder

Once you start getting subscribers you will need to have a auto responder. An auto responder is a program that collects all your email addresses and means that you can pre-program emails and newsletters to be sent out on a weekly basis or more frequently. An Auto responder also means that you’ll not get labelled being a spammer.

Email Engine Revs Up

Email Engine Revs Up

What is the first thing you do when you turn on your computer every day? You quickly scan the contents of your e-mail inbox looking for familiar “From” and relevant “Subject” lines. You read those that are important and delete or block those considered to be junk.

Chances are you belong to a few online newsletters and have opted to receive monthly offers from your favorite restaurants or retailer. You open these messages because they have value, and you have given your consent to receive messages from the particular sender.

Almost every business has some way of collecting customer data, but few have a clue on how to communicate with these customers on a regular basis. One way is to integrate permission-based e-mail as part of your online marketing initiatives.

According to the Magazine of Online Media, Marketing & Advertising there are more than 100,000 businesses and organizations using commercially marketed e-newsletters today. E-mail is popular with companies looking to push an offer out rather than using a Web site to pull in a customer. Also, compared to traditional offline methods of advertising, e-mail is less expensive, easier to track and instantaneous.

A well-planned, properly-implemented e-mail campaign can have an enormous effect on enhancing customer loyalty. In fact e-mail is one of the best ways to build relationships with prospects, acquire repeat business, brand, generate trust and drive traffic. There is an unequivocal correlation between e-mail traffic and Web site traffic.

If you’ve taken the time to build an online initiative and capture e-mail addresses, you should capitalize on the profit potential of this list. The concept of marketing to your internal list is all about getting the most out of each of your customers. What would happen to your bottom line if a customer who orders once every two months from your site, now orders once a month as a result of your monthly mailings? Your internal database is a gold mine. Use it.

Advantages of an e-mail campaign:
Generates traffic to your Web site
Encourages customer loyalty and repeat business
Trackable ? monitor results in real time
Highest ROI than any other media (Direct Marketing Association)

Silver Oaks has recently developed a custom in-house e-mailing system for our clients to help increase their sales, branding or introduction of new products and services. Everything from newsletters, customer promotions, event invitations, e-coupons and more can be supported by our new engine. Combine this service with our full-service production capabilities and we’re able to create, design, assemble, deliver and track your entire online marketing campaign.

Here’s how it works:

Provide Silver Oaks with your mailing list. Once we have your database set up we will need the creative content you will mail. Your team can design the mailing and provide artwork, or our creative team can develop it for you.

We then will provide the HTML assembly and programming needed to finalize each ad. Once you have approved the ad, it will then be distributed to all the active recipients on your list.

A statistical report then will be available online, so you can monitor the results of your campaign in real time. We provide statistical data for ?opens? and Web site hits as a result of the e-mail ad. All of this information can help you send highly, targeted campaigns to those who have responded in the past, thus improving your results as you move forward with more mailings.

When it comes to your online marketing initiative, our team has the expertise to maximize results. We are fully staffed to develop a campaign from idea to delivery. Along with our e-mail capabilities, we also provide expert search engine and e-marketing campaigns as well as combined online and offline cross-promotional advertising initiatives.