A Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate University

When I first came across the Wealthy Affiliate University I was very skeptical to say the least. Having bought into a lot of tools and software that have promised me everything but never really gave me what I was after.

Mostly I had looked at e-book type money-making opportunities and they all just seemed out of date information repackaged and resold. But The Wealthy Affiliate University is different; it offers a blueprint or road map for Affiliate success. To be honest with you I found Internet Marketing totally confusing until I discovered The Wealthy Affiliate University.

There is a lot of reviews out there for the Wealthy Affiliate University and maybe you have been looking at the site and wondering if you should join or not. I felt the same way; I had already spent money on the other stuff. The reasons I took the plunge was that it had a lively forum. I came to the conclusion that you need to be sharing ideas and getting the info off the people who are doing it right.

When I first joined I was impressed by the wealth of Information that was presented on the Wealthy Affiliate University Website. Some of it I sort of knew, but I could not see the full picture. When you see it all laid out in front of you, you can see the missing piece. It is like a huge jigsaw puzzle with an order to put the puzzle together. I had a few eureka moments with one of my websites and applied one subtle recommendation from the course and made two sales, boy that got me fired up. That site had been up for over a year and was going nowhere.

Kyle and Carson set up the Wealthy Affiliate University. They have done more for my Internet marketing career than I ever will be able to tell you. You need to look real close to see the true benefits of this university. It is a community of like-minded individuals; with the originators Carson and Kyle having put into place a step-by-step action plan and learning resources for you to follow.

The Wealthy Affiliate University Program does not claim to get you super rich overnight, but it does show you the steps necessary in order for you to make it a reality. There are hundreds of affiliate reviews out there from happy members and I am yet to see someone become disillusioned with the whole place, and not get something from it.

The massive Wealthy Affiliate University forum is a fantastic place to get that extra help and guidance from some of the wealthy affiliate members and also Carson and Kyle the creators are available by private message and through the private message option in the forum.

If you ever get a problem or get overwhelmed, I can guarantee that you will get an answer in the Wealthy Affiliate University forum. There are thousands of members, and the older members are keen to help and guide you if you cannot understand the tutorials and action plans.

You will not be disappointed with what is on offer and this Wealthy Affiliate University review will show you the true benefits of The Wealthy Affiliate University Program.