4 Basic Points About Psd To Html Conversion That You Must Know

Though WWW is abbreviated as World Wide Web but with the growing number of websites it can be also seen as Websites Websites & Websites. With websites growing each day what else is growing is the demand of website design service providers, and ultimately the need of PSD to HTML conversion services.

An ample market for this particular service has given a chance to many such service providers to bloom and proliferate. And with each new day you can see a new service provider. A market growing with such a pace many times contains such service provider who compromise on quality, just to gain few extra bucks.

Below are the 4 basic points which a person looking for a PSD to HTML conversion service should know:

W3C Compliance: It stands for World Wide Web consortium. It provides guidelines to web designers to prepare a well formatted and structured website. It checks mark up errors also, if any.

Cross browser compatibility: There are so many browsers available in the market like opera, safari, chrome, IE, mozilla etc. by which we access Internet. Users have got choice and it is completely their wish to use any browser. It is to be ensured that you?re the conversion of your design runs equally well on all browsers.

Semantic Coding: It refers to marking up website with complete matching of content and HTML tags. Like the heading of content with h1 HTML tag. By doing this, the data would be better perceived by crawlers and human beings too. Also, it would add to relevance of data too.

Hand coded mark ups: Hand made things always carry more value than machine made. Same thing applies over here, though there are softwares available for doing this conversions but there are some lot of semantic technicalities in which softwares cannot replace the designers/programmers.

This service gained popularity around 2004 when people started blogging on word press, joomla etc. Once they started gaining recognition then the need of converting blog or site from PSD to HTML/joomla/wordpress. With the use of these CMS which are very user friendly, later people preferred to have their own exclusive designs slicing into a theme or template. As so many have their business online and there is full competition, simple designs are not going to work. So, the need of PSD to HTML conversions became really indispensable.

The conversions satisfying all of the above conditions would really help the web site to gain top search rankings and traffic too. It will provide excellent user experience. There are many service providers available. You need to be careful while selecting one for you.