Learn How To Start List Building

I’m sure you’ve heard the old chestnut ?the cash is in the list? and this really is true nevertheless have you heard the old saying ?how to begin list building??, When you have it was probably followed by someone trying to sell you something. List building for those who do not know is building an email list of names and email addresses so that you could sell to them individuals.

However how can you start to build a list?

It’s not as easy as it sounds the times when you were able to just put up a form on your web page and expect people to sign up are long gone. These days you must offer something of quality so you can get people to sign up. The secret that nearly everybody use is to put a price tag to the gift they’ll get for free of charge. So you will often see something like ?sign up now and get this report value $47 for FREE? I realize it is easy to put something like that on your web site but the clever marketers are making sure the free product they provide is excellent quality.

If you’d like people to join your list you need to offer them top quality products at all times. You then really need to keep an effective rapport going. Some lazy marketers give good content for the first couple of weeks and then just forward their list offer after offer that they need to pay for. The smart guys are the ones that develop their list week in week out and only ever offer top quality products that they can truthfully vouch for.


To build a list you need a site and this can be 3 pages or just a one page blog, but despite which you select you need to put on it top quality content. If you should go for a 3 page site I’d recommend one of the pages to be a blog. On every page you want to have a opt in form with a quality free product on offer when they sign up.


For people to sign up on your site you need site visitors, this is often referred to as traffic. To acquire traffic among the simplest ways is by writing articles and posting them on article sites like ezine articles. When you create your article you require to make sure that you leave your link to your internet site within your bio box.

Auto Responder

Once you start getting subscribers you will need to have a auto responder. An auto responder is a program that collects all your email addresses and means that you can pre-program emails and newsletters to be sent out on a weekly basis or more frequently. An Auto responder also means that you’ll not get labelled being a spammer.

Email Engine Revs Up

Email Engine Revs Up

What is the first thing you do when you turn on your computer every day? You quickly scan the contents of your e-mail inbox looking for familiar “From” and relevant “Subject” lines. You read those that are important and delete or block those considered to be junk.

Chances are you belong to a few online newsletters and have opted to receive monthly offers from your favorite restaurants or retailer. You open these messages because they have value, and you have given your consent to receive messages from the particular sender.

Almost every business has some way of collecting customer data, but few have a clue on how to communicate with these customers on a regular basis. One way is to integrate permission-based e-mail as part of your online marketing initiatives.

According to the Magazine of Online Media, Marketing & Advertising there are more than 100,000 businesses and organizations using commercially marketed e-newsletters today. E-mail is popular with companies looking to push an offer out rather than using a Web site to pull in a customer. Also, compared to traditional offline methods of advertising, e-mail is less expensive, easier to track and instantaneous.

A well-planned, properly-implemented e-mail campaign can have an enormous effect on enhancing customer loyalty. In fact e-mail is one of the best ways to build relationships with prospects, acquire repeat business, brand, generate trust and drive traffic. There is an unequivocal correlation between e-mail traffic and Web site traffic.

If you’ve taken the time to build an online initiative and capture e-mail addresses, you should capitalize on the profit potential of this list. The concept of marketing to your internal list is all about getting the most out of each of your customers. What would happen to your bottom line if a customer who orders once every two months from your site, now orders once a month as a result of your monthly mailings? Your internal database is a gold mine. Use it.

Advantages of an e-mail campaign:
Generates traffic to your Web site
Encourages customer loyalty and repeat business
Trackable ? monitor results in real time
Highest ROI than any other media (Direct Marketing Association)

Silver Oaks has recently developed a custom in-house e-mailing system for our clients to help increase their sales, branding or introduction of new products and services. Everything from newsletters, customer promotions, event invitations, e-coupons and more can be supported by our new engine. Combine this service with our full-service production capabilities and we’re able to create, design, assemble, deliver and track your entire online marketing campaign.

Here’s how it works:

Provide Silver Oaks with your mailing list. Once we have your database set up we will need the creative content you will mail. Your team can design the mailing and provide artwork, or our creative team can develop it for you.

We then will provide the HTML assembly and programming needed to finalize each ad. Once you have approved the ad, it will then be distributed to all the active recipients on your list.

A statistical report then will be available online, so you can monitor the results of your campaign in real time. We provide statistical data for ?opens? and Web site hits as a result of the e-mail ad. All of this information can help you send highly, targeted campaigns to those who have responded in the past, thus improving your results as you move forward with more mailings.

When it comes to your online marketing initiative, our team has the expertise to maximize results. We are fully staffed to develop a campaign from idea to delivery. Along with our e-mail capabilities, we also provide expert search engine and e-marketing campaigns as well as combined online and offline cross-promotional advertising initiatives.

Affiliate Marketing For Stay At Home Moms

Mothers who stay at home to care for their children may feel guilty for not contributing to the family financially. There is no reason to feel guilty, but it may be an issue anyway. You may be conflicted inside because there would be guilt either way you turned. If you went out to get a job, you would have to leave the children and find trustworthy child care. If you stay home the guilt mentioned earlier may come into play.

There is a solution to this conflict and that is to start your own home business. It a win, win situation. You can be there for the children, knowing they are getting the care they need and you can earn money to contribute to the family finances. Some may wonder where to begin or what kind of business to start.

There is a very simple solution and that is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing for stay at home moms is probably the easiest way to start a work at home business. It does not require stocking and processing products, handling money or shipping goods. When doing affiliate marketing it usually requires you to advertise or market that company?s products or services. Most companies will supply a website for you to use in your advertising efforts.

In order to earn an income you would have to make sales using your website or recruit others to become affiliate marketers just as you are. There are a lot of companies that offer a free affiliate program and some that require a monthly fee, and there are also others that require a monthy purchase of products in order to earn commissions.

Some people are put off by having to buy the products but if the company has products that are of high quality and is something that we would use anyway, it can be a good thing. If we use the products that we are promoting it is a lot easier to make a sale. If you believe in what you are selling, you will want to share it with others and only have good things to say about the company and products.

When finding a company to become an affiliate with, make sure to do some homework and find out all you can about them. Make sure they are a reputable company with a good track record and offer something that you would be interested in. That way you will be comfortable and confident when marketing your business.

This is your own work at home business so be sure to treat it as such. You are your own boss and make your own schedule. There are no deadlines and quotas to meet, so it may be a little harder to stay on track. Make a schedule so you can spend enough time on your business and with your children. That?s what it is all about, after all, having the freedom to stay home with your children while bringing in an extra income.

Professional Web Hosting Or Free Web Hosting, What’s Better?

Both free and professional web hosting have their benefits and down sides. However, before the best type of web solution can be found the webmaster will need to consider the main motivator for the website.

For those looking for a home page, hobby site, or non-profit website a free hosting service will provide the basics of what is needed at just the right price- free. Although a free website will not provide a professional scene for a business, or a webmaster looking for credibility, as unfortunately free services look very cheap then little else can be expected from something that costs nothing.

One of the benefits to using a free website is that it often offers free templates for website design and step by step wizards to aid the uploading process. Free services may also provide free domain names and email with their service packages.

Even though customer service is included, the quality of the service can vary. The main problem with the free services is, you may be limited because of the amount of traffic that visits the site, also the size of files being carried may as well be limited. It is not unusual for free hosting companies to be unreliable due to the amount of down town they have.

Because the site is free, the hosting company may very well be relying on sponsors in the way of banner ads to keep the company in business. If this is the case, setting up a business with flashing banners will really cramp your style, credibility, and scare away potential customers.
Paid services are used by webmasters to keep things running smoothly in business, what this means is the good web hosting companies will provide excellent customer service, and have plenty of happy customers who are willing to add their testimonies. Professional companies will usually offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, live chats, and telephone services for customers experiencing difficulties.

Many professional companies will also offer discounts and bonuses for your business, and reward you for paying early. Other things that a professional web hosting company will offer is ample web space, and disk space. Often large amounts of uptime will be guaranteed, and sometimes failure to keep this amount of uptime will result in compensation from company to their clients.
It’s worth the price for professinal services, and they don’t take up advertising space from their customers. Depending on what a customer is looking for when they create a website, will have a lot of bearing on their choice of providers. A webmaster who is building a honest/reaible business venture will need, a web hosting plan which is professional as well as necessary to business success.

The Art Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very affordable marketing tool for a small business. It doesn?t matter is you are an international internet marketer or just run a small mom-n-pop shop down the street, email marketing when used properly can boost your sales to new levels.

Think of email marketing as an automated marketing rep. When used properly it can turn reluctant prospects into interested buyers and buyers into satisfied customers. Email marketing it the art of calling attention to yourself and your business with the use of email messages.
Your email messages can take a variety of formats. They can be short one paragraph teasers (think digital post card) that basically lure readers into clicking on a link to finish reading the rest of story on a webpage. One format is the full pledged, full color HTML ?news magazine?.

Another format is a breezy conversational style letter. Still another is the hardcore, plain vanilla text-only “business how-to” newsletter. Pick a format that suits your style, your business model and the information you want to delivery.

The real art behind email marketing is relationship building. No matter how technologically savvy, we humans become it still boils down to the simple idea that people like conducting business with like-minded people, who they know, like and trust.

Email lets subscribers get to know you. Through your emails they find out fast if you are a greedy egoist, always pushing the next big thing, always doing the hard sell. They will also discover if you are good mentor, teacher or coach and whether or not you want to help them solve their problems. They will also know if you are ?faking it? and are just ?parroting? back what they have heard instead of sharing what they that have learned either through study or from personal experience.

Email also helps subscribers to learn to like you.

Don’t have to win any contests for Miss or Mr. Congeniality or anything but you do have to be yourself. Don?t be a faker. Just write your emails the way you talk. Actually type along as you talk so your true rhythm and voice can come through. Sure some people won?t like you, others won?t care one way or the other and another group will become your fan club! It?s this group who will buy your products and become repeat customers.

Also your email list will let your readers learn to trust you. The core foundation in any business is trust. Trust has been called the ?lubricant? between the gears of commerce. Without it, the massive machine of business and trade quickly breaks down and locks up.

Trust can’t be rushed although marketing gurus hold fast to the 7 to 9 rule. That a prospect has to be exposed to your marketing message anywhere from 7 to 9 times before they will buy. This maybe true, but I believe without trust, the exposure numbers (from introduction to purchase) would be much higher than 9!

Email marketing is as much an art as it is a science but now that you understand much how this underutilized business tool can affect your income, you should be ready to start using it to increase profits for your business.